Why Pepperdine School of Public Policy Online?

The Pepperdine School of Public Policy (SPP) prepares you to lead and innovate in a variety of careers across public, nonprofit, and government sectors. One of our core beliefs is bringing the “public” back into public policy. With a focus on servant leadership and viewpoint diversity, we examine the fundamental principles of leadership, people-focused policy development, and the critical dynamics between public and private sectors that shape public policy. 

The School of Public Policy connects its students (both in-person and online) with real-time policy development and an influential network of policy leaders. In addition, our innovative curricula incorporate emerging technologies, community engagement, and data-informed decision-making to create a classroom experience unlike any other. Students will not only learn the tools to tackle the problems plaguing America’s institutions and communities today, they will learn them in classrooms with leaders who are actually in the field to guide their learning.