Online Local Government Leadership and Innovation Certificate

The Pepperdine School of Public Policy online certificate in Local Government Leadership and Innovation takes an innovative approach to community-building that preserves resources, integrates smart technologies, and protects citizens. This specialized curriculum can be taken as a stand-alone certificate, or it can be combined with the core Public Policy Leadership certificate for the comprehensive online Master of Public Policy and Leadership degree.

Five Local Government Leadership and Innovation courses provide a comprehensive curriculum for this specialized certificate. 

  • Students will explore leadership through public engagement and innovation and understand the central question of any democratic republic: What is the role of the citizen? Building sustainable communities, with specific emphasis on housing and environmental policies, is examined in depth. 
  • Students will learn how local governments prioritize, plan, and allocate their resources, and how technology and innovation is used to preserve these resources and protect citizens. Additionally, leading in times of crisis—protecting public safety and responding to disasters—will be discussed.