Message from the Dean

While many policy programs emphasize the quantitative aspects of policymaking, the Pepperdine School of Public Policy has taken a uniquely comprehensive approach to graduate policy education since our founding nearly two decades ago. One of our core beliefs is bringing the “public” back into public policy. We examine the fundamental principles of leadership, people-focused policy development, and the dynamics between public and private sectors in a changing global economy. 

Our distinctive curricula include required coursework in ethics and the American Constitution along with rigorous quantitative classes in economics and statistical analysis. In particular, our distinctive set of required courses prepares students for a well-rounded approach to public policy so they understand what it means to consider the "public" in the creation of policy. 

However, public policy is not just something to be created; it must be implemented. In today’s polarized public and political realm, strong leaders must have the conviction of their own beliefs, which should be rooted in critical thinking. Equally important, they must also understand and consider alternative viewpoints.

Through data-driven analysis, multidisciplinary education, and a strong emphasis on moral decision-making, we aim to prepare leaders who will be public servants, capable of working through differences across sectors to create sustainable policy solutions and drive meaningful change. 

Pete Peterson
Braun Family Dean’s Chair
School of Public Policy